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it doesnt make sense. he’s liked me since the 8th grade and i finally give him a chance and he blows it within a month. 

boyfriend cheated on me lol i dont even care

but last night was terrible my mom completely went insane. i didn’t want to hang out with her and my sister and she told me to give her my phone. then she said i’m ungrateful and tore apart my entire room claiming that since i never clean it, might as well mess it up anyway. i got hit a few times and it was just awful

i forgot about this blog

he’s too clingy and i already feel myself pushing him away sigh


i complained that i was horny and chris asked to come over and i said no lol what am i doing


i woke up super late and had a dream that aaron carter called me today shall be interesting

homework due in a few hours and i’m still looking at porn ok 

wow how come i’ve never heard of this pump fake alternate version???

done with the sex gifs for now